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SCTB: Canine Large Animal

Overview of Services

The Canine Large Animal resource provides VNTR (variable number tandem repeat), and LAM-PCR (linear amplification mediated PCR) and other molecular technology to analyze genotypes. Services were established initially to assist hematological research, but the facility also offers the following services to scientists in other areas of research. We also provide products, protocols, and services for cell and molecular analyses in the Canis lupus familiaris model.


Michael Harkey, PhD

(206) 667-3369

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Thomas Building, D1-331

Links and Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
Michael A. Harkey, PhD


Name Description
Clonal Analysis   
3 Arm LAM-PCR   
Blastocyst cDNA Lib    
Cells/Cell Lines (1e6 cells)   
Chimerism Primer screen   
Chimerism Std Curve   
Consulting - molecular biology   
DLA-DQA- Any Animal   
DLA-DQB- Any Animal   
DLA-DRB1- Addtl Animal   
DLA-DRB1-1st Animal   
DLA88- 1st animal   
DLA88- Addtl Animal   
Fixed Tissues (.1g)   
Freezer-Milled Tissue (1 g)   
Genomic DNA Purification   
Insertion site determination   
PCR reaction/gel analysis   
Rep/Expr Constructs (10 ug)   
RTPCR Primers/Seq/QA   
Tissue RNA (100 ug)   
Tissue RNA (25 ug)   
VNTR Analysis   

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